Our skippers arrive approx 24 hours before sailing.  This enables them to make a thorough assessment of the boat, its electrical and safety equipment.  If any thing is needed then they are always happy to help.  The assessment will include but not be limited to a visual engine check looking for obvious issues or oil leaks.  Oil and water check.  All lines and stays are inspected for weaknesses.  The rails and fenders are all checked.  The life raft will be inspected and will need to be in date or recently serviced.  Flares will be checked for dates and safety line will need to be on board.  Most cruising sailors will not use life lines as they wont sail in weather that requires them.  Our delivery skippers sail 24 hours a day and go through weather not sailed by your usual cruising skipper.  This means things like life lines are a must.  We will often need an EPIRB on board plus an equipped grab bag.  These are all essential items that any boat should carry and are beneficial to any owner after the delivery.IMG_8557

In the past it has been the case where it may be a new boat where the owner has not had chance to go through the safety equipment.  For example it may not have any flares, or the necessary charts may not be on board etc.  If this is the case, our skippers are happy to list and then source all necessary items to ensure the boat is sailing with the right equipment.  if a delay is caused because the boat is not ready then it may affect the price, however, we do factor slight delays in so usually have plenty of time to ensure the boat is equipped ready to leave as planned.

Our skippers are capable of carrying out basic engineering repairs or services.  It has been the case where owners have asked for upgrades such the installation of Radar or AIS equipment.  If it is something like this that can be carried out during the delivery then our skipper will happily do so.