Yacht Delivery UK have just completed a long trip from The Isle Of White down to the sunny beaches of Alicante. The trip was made easy as the yacht we were delivering was a luxurious Dufour 44. The trip started and finished in great weather with force 4 – 5 winds and a nice blue skies. We left the isle of White on a Thursday morning heading about 240 degrees with the wind on the nose. We motored for the first few hours and then got the sails up to see if we could get the angle into the wind. We just about managed to maintain 5 – 7 knots with a good heading just getting around the Brittany peninsula. From here it was a great long tack all the way down the west coast of France and across the Biscay. The waters picked up but still with a strong Easterly wind we glided nicely down the coast in a 3 days and over to Coruna. We stopped in here for a night, sampling the local beverages, as usual, then set sail first thing in the morning for the second phase of the journey. Down the west coast of Portugal and around under Spain through the Gibraltar straight and up into the calmer waters of the Mediterranean.

Once in here the engine was back on for most of the time and up into Alicante… Another safe 2 weeks sailing and great delivery of an amazing vessel, another happy customer.