So the latest adventure for the crew at Yacht Delivery UK was one of the shorter journey, but still just as much fun.  We took a small Yacht from the calm waters of Burnham on Sea around the coast of Shoeburryness and into the not so calm waters of Thorpe Bay Yacht Club.  The journey was no more than 2 hours with a total work time of 4 hours.  The hardest part of the trip was getting from the Yacht into the small Tender which was bumping around next to us as we tried to clumber down the side of the boat.

Once in the tender the waves seems to double in size as the 4hp engine powered us, just about, through the waves and back to the beach, where I fell over and got soaked.  So the conclusion is that from all the see miles i’ve done and managed to avoid a dip in the sea, its one of the short ones that catches me by surprise.  Another lesson learnt.

Southedn beach at last
Arriving in Southend