We aim to make our process straight forward and transparent.  Everything is agreed upfront with all eventualities discussed and a plan agreed in each, where possible.

The Process:
On receipt of the delivery information we will research the quickest route and estimate the time needed to Agreed complete the trip. We will then offer a fixed price, plus a day rate figure. The fixed price will be slightly more than the quickest route, but will avoid any unwanted expense should the journey take longer. Once you have decided on which pricing structure to go for we will give an idea on expenses and any additional costs.

What is included in the Quote?
• RYA Yacht master Skipper plus 3 Crew (max)
• Safety Inspection and consultation
• Safe delivery of the vessel
• Fully Cleaned and ready to sail at destination

Additional Costs:
• Travel Arrangements (Transfers including taxi, train or aeroplane)
• Basic Food Rations
• Fuel
• Harbour Costs
• Any Breakdown/Repairs
The quote will have a maximum time limit on it.  We do this as if the boat has a fault that means it has to sit in a marina being fixed, then our skipper needs to be covered.  We obviously offer options and work with you if this should happen and it may be a case that the guys are brought home.  We have had instances where the crew have came home but the skipper has stayed to ensure the correct repair is carried out on the boat. This saves you maybe having to fly out yourself and deal with the repair.  The same rules apply with adverse weather,  If the skipper decides the weather is to severe to sail then he will rest up in the safety of a marina.  If it looks like the weather dealy will take you over the maximum time period we will discuss with you the options.  Having said this we are yet to have weather delay a delivery past a maximum time frame as we allow a couple of days in our quote.  If the weather was so bad that it lasted more than 2 days we would have probably known that and delayed the delivery from the outset rather than fly crew out.


You will need to complete this checklist before the delivery can start, and sign and return the delivery contract. Click on the Below Link to view our standard checklist and contract.

Click Here for Delivery Checklist

Click Here for Yacht Delivery Contract