So we are fast approaching the busy season for yacht deliveries.  Here at Yacht Delivery Uk we are striving to always increase our custom base and service offered.  We are aware our website is a bit dated now and we are in talks with various designers to come up with a new site.  The goal for the new site is to offer clear concise information, advising of exactly how our process works but without over complicating it.  We will be pleased to offer the first on-line quote for yacht deliveries giving an accurate guide to what you can expect to pay.  Once this is working we will be continually tweaking our prices to ensure we are the most competitive on the market.  We believe our personal service already wins most of our clients and the referrals and returning customers confirms that.  However, we now want to take things further and get our name out there. The systems and processes we have in place give us the opportunity to constantly improve on customer satisfaction without having to increase manpower, therefore keeping prices down.  In 2014 we helped over 40 clients delivery their yachts all over Europe and the US.  Although we may not be the largest yacht delivery company, the amount of deliveries we have successfully completed gives us the ability to react quickly and positively whilst retaining the personal touch.  Our strap line is to treat each boat like our own.  This is something we take very seriously and all our skippers and crew are hand picked to ensure they carry out our company ethos with every single delivery.IMG_3294

Last year we did not receive one complaint, but instead received a large number of referrals and repeat clients.  I have personally been invited to join past clients whilst delivery yachts as well.  We think it is important to build this type of relationship because yachts however big or small are often held very close to our hearts and we do not want to give them to somebody we don’t like or trust.  We build trust over time and by offering the service people would expect.

So this year, we will be launching the new website with automated instant quoting system, plus we will be offering a streamlined unrivalled personal service to every single client regardless of size, price or length of delivery.  To us they are all equally important.  I hope to hear from past clients and new clients alike.  If you have any questions do not hesitate to call or e-mail me.  I am always enthusiastic to help.


Happy sailing in 2015




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