I’m looking to get a small syndicate together to buy a yacht share next year 2020.  I’m looking for anyone interested to message me to discuss the details.  I would manage the syndicate and be a share holder with same rights as everyone else, everything would be decided in annual meetings and be done on a fair basis.

My Idea:

Boat Value                £175,000 – £225,000

Number Shares     4 maybe 5

Cost per share       £35,000 – £55,000 (depending on boat and number of shares sold)

Looking around the Med, somewhere that flies from Southend, Gatwick or Stanstead.

If you are interested message or call me Tyler on 07901 521078 and we can discuss further.

I think if we have 4 of 5 potential owners we will have good buying power to secure a good deal.  It gives us the freedom to shop around and also pick location.  I have children so would look at summer holiday s etc.. but we could structure the syndicate to work with families both with and without children.