We have just recently completed a delivery of a Bavaria 390 from Croatia to Nice.  The journey took best part of 2 weeks but everything went to plan and the owners were yet again very happy customers.  The Bavaria 390 is a great yacht to deliver.  It was fully equipped with AIS, Autopilot and Radar allowing for full 24 hour sailing.  We made 2 stops, firstly in Messina, then Naples to re stock but other than that it was plain sailing… Literally.  When delivering yachts we often try to get beneath the boat surface to help clients understand the inner working of the yacht.  This yacht was a new purchase and the clients were planning to use the yacht for coastal passages along the French coast and down into Spain etc.  They were competent sailors with plenty of experience but weren’t necessarily up to speed with the working of a yacht and how to maintain one, especially a new yacht they were unfamiliar with.  With a delivery that takes 2 weeks it gives our skipper and crew a good bit of time to get to know the boat and pass on all knowledge to the owners.  It is a service that we don’t charge for as its kind of naturally carried out, however, it can be invaluable for a new owner to get a full breakdown of their yacht before they take it on.  On this Bavaria, there was no urgent problems, however, some routine maintenance and screw tightening has hopefully avoided some problems down the line.  Sometimes its the small things that can be stopped easily, that if left go on to cause huge problems and headaches.

Anyway, all in all another great delivery from the guys and another happy customer.  We have another similar trip hopefully coming up, just waiting to confirm terms…fingers crossed




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